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What are Pre-Rolls?

Pre rolled joints are a type of hemp product that come in an already-rolled form, ready to be smoked. They’re usually made with dried cannabis flower (either marijuana or hemp) that’s been ground up using a grinder.

From there, the flower is poured into a specific type of rolling paper and rolled into a long, cylindrical-like shape.

With a pre-roll, you get to avoid the hassle of rolling your own joints or blunts, which, admittedly, can be a bit tricky. Instead, pre-rolls allow you the ease of smoking effortlessly.

These types of products come in different sizes, strains, and blends. You can find CBD pre-rollsdelta-8 pre-rolls, HHC blunts, and so much more on the market today.

Pre-Rolls vs. Joints

Pre-rolls and joints may look like the same product, and that’s because, at the root of it all, they practically are the same. However, the biggest difference comes in the way that these products are made.

Pre-rolls, as the name suggests, are products that come pre-rolled and ready to smoke. There’s no assembly required. Instead, you just pick up these products that have been rolled by man or machine, and they’re often sold either individually or in multi-packs.

Joints, however, usually refer to a smoke that’s been prepared by the smoker themselves. To roll a joint, you’ll have to grind up cannabis flower and have some rolling papers on hand. You’ll need to practice rolling these products, as that’s the best way to get yourself the perfect joint.

Pre-rolls are great for people who don’t like rolling joints or haven’t mastered the skill yet. Joints, on the other hand, are ideal for anyone who has weed and rolling papers at home already.

Our Various Forms of Pre-Roll Blunts and Joints

Here at Psykedelisk Butik, we offer a perfect selection of high-quality pre-roll blunts and joints for you to enjoy — and at affordable prices, too.

Delta-8 THC Infused CBD Pre-Rolls

Our delta-8 THC-infused CBD pre-rolls are the perfect option for people seeking a mild, supportive high. The flower inside the THC pre roll is CBD flower that’s been infused with pure delta 8 distillate to give you powerful, clear effects.

There are four popular strains available in these pre roll joints: Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Tropicana Cookies, and Sour Diesel. There are four popular strains available in these pre roll joints: Bubba Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Tropicana Cookies, and Sour Diesel.

Peak Premium Delta-8 + THCP 2.5g Pre-Roll Blunt

If you’re ready to take your THC pre roll to a new level, it’s time to check out our Peak Premium Delta-8 + THCP 2.5-gram pre-roll blunts.

These blunts contain over 1,000 mg of delta-8 distillate enhanced with THCP. This creates powerful, long-lasting effects that hit nearly instantly upon inhalation. These pre-roll blunts even come with a glass crutch to make smoking as effortless as possible.

Right now, you can choose between the Pineapple Jam and Sour Diesel strains.

Peak Premium HHC + HHCP 2.5g Pre-Roll Blunt

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of the HHC cannabinoid is within our Peak Premium HHC + HHCP 2.5-gram pre-roll blunt. This blunt has over 1,000 mg of HHC that’s been infused with high levels of HHCP and then rolled in CBG kief. Each layer of the pre roll blunt is as mouthwatering as the next, making for a great cannabis experience.

Available in Tahoe OG and Runtz strains, these premium pre-roll blunts are sure to take your smoke sesh to a whole new level.

Why Choose Psykedelisk Butik to Buy Pre-Rolls?

Psykedelisk Butik offers some of the highest-quality pre-rolls on the market. We have taken years to perfect our cannabis blends, carefully infusing them into the top-shelf flower found within these joints and blunts. This way, every hit you take is just as delicious — and powerful — as the next.

However, just because Psykedelisk Butik offers top-shelf products doesn’t mean we price our products as such. All of our products, including pre-roll blunts and joints, are affordably priced, allowing you to indulge in all the options you want most.

Finally, when you buy a THC pre roll from us, you know you’re investing in quality. Every product comes with a scannable QR code that takes you to the results of the product’s third-party lab testing. These COAs demonstrate exact cannabinoid levels and tests for impurities, giving you a firsthand look into the high standards we set here at Psykedelisk Butik.

Purchase high-quality pre-roll blunts and pre rolled joints at the best prices possible when you shop with Psykedelisk Butik. Whether you’re interested in delta-8, CBD, HHC, or a different cannabinoid, we have you covered.