Sluggers Hit Disposable Rainbow Road 1g ( SATIVA )

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Sluggers Hit Sluggers Hit Disposable Rainbow Road are the hardest hitters in the market. Juiced Fresh with Live Resin and Premium Oil.

Rainbow Road is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain generated by crossing the strong Master Kush X Hindu Kush X Montel’s Pride strains.

Rainbow Road is a favorite of hybrid enthusiasts all around the world for its invigorating yet soothing effects that affect both mind and body. The benefits will hit you nearly as soon as you exhale, sending your mind into a frenzy of energy and motivation.

This is accompanied by a deep sensation of happiness that frees you from any unpleasant or racing thoughts. As you begin to come down from the high, these stimulating effects swiftly turn tranquil, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and asleep.